All About Seattle

Getting Here

If you're arriving by plane, we encourage you to take Seattle's new light rail from Sea-Tac Airport to downtown Seattle. It's only $2.50! The final stop, Westlake, is conveniently located a few blocks from the Sheraton. Alternatively, a taxi to downtown will cost approximately $40.

If you're arriving by car, there are numerous parking garages downtown. The Sheraton will charge $40/day to store your vehicle.

Now You're Here
Here are a few ideas for exploring the city... (thanks, Frank and Michelle!)

Pike Place Market

Seattle Public Library

Pioneer Square
This is old town Seattle: a necessary stop if you’re on the architectural tour. The Underground Tour is a touristy thing that’s actually worth it.

SAM (the art museum) and the Olympic Sculpture Park

Space Needle & the Experience Music Project (E.M.P.)
If it’s a clear day, the Needle’s worth the price of admission. If it’s cloudy, skip it.

Beyond downtown, but not far by bus or car:

Gasworks Park
As seen in “Singles.” Our favorite former-plant-that-manufactured-gas-from-coal-turned-park. Another great view of the city. And close to the “Sleepless in Seattle” houseboat.

Discovery Park
A favorite for in-town low-key hikes.

Calls itself “the center of the universe.” Great little boutiques. And the only statue of Lenin outside a Communist (or formerly Communist) country.

Ballard and the Locks
Seattle’s Scandanavian ‘hood with good shops on Market St. and Ballard Ave. And the Locks are a feat of Army Corps of Engineering wonder.

Capitol Hill